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Frequently Asked Questions


 Question:   When should you roll your container out for service?

  Answer    Normally you will be able to set your clock to our service. But in the event of equipment failure or delays it is best to roll your container out the night before.


Question:     How can I pay my bill online?

Answer:      Contact the office to receive email invoices

 Question:  What should you do in the case of inclement weather on/or close to my service day?

  Answer:    Leave your can at the road! If the roads are clear expect we will be running. We may be a day behind but we will make every effort to service you on your service day.

 Question:  What type of items are accepted? 

  Answer:    We accept household waste items only. Appliances, Yard Waste, Wood, Tires, Paint, Medical Waste are all common examples of unacceptable items

Question:  What should I do if I have bulky items I need picked up?

Answer:    Call our office and we will work out the details. Depending on what it is we may charge an extra fee or get you in touch with someone who can help with your needs. 

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